Friday, July 3, 2015

how to tighten sagging skin on face naturally

When you age, your skin begins to shed some of its elasticity causing sagging or drooping of the skin particularly around the sight, mouth, cheeks, and neck. Since time can't be reversed, the skin can still search young by following some simple skin tightening ways to a younger appearance. Skin tightening can be achieved through surgery, nonsurgical facelifts, over-the-counter face washes, creams, scrubs, toners and masks, and natural home remedies for tightening loose skin. Natural skin tightening tips and methods are best for getting rid of loose sagging skin on face naturally in your house. Tighten loose skin on face and neck while using the following natural remedies and pores and skin tightening tips.

Eat Healthy

For ones skin to look firm and tight it is advisable to include plenty of antioxidant-rich foods in what you eat. These will help get rid of free radicals and tighten the collagen from the skin. Grapes,? avocados,? olives, honey and passion fruit are extremely excellent choices. Citrus fruits, pears, watermelon and berries will also be good. Avoid salt, sodas, alcohol and fried meals. If you want some sort of snack, eat Brazil crazy, they contain skin-boosting selenium, that may help maintain elasticity from the skin. For a rejuvenating drink try pomegranate veggie juice, it contains anthocyanins—these help strengthen the arteries that provide nutrients to the skin.

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